Property with foundation issues

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I recently spoke with the owner of a property who is very interested in selling. he mentioned that the property has severe foundation problems. I told him I can purchase the property as is, no need to fix anything. he told me he can't sell the property with that type of problem. im not sure if it has something to do with legal issues or if he just does not want to sell until he fixes that himself. the conversation didn't gave me the opportunity to ask this question at that moment. I was wondering if someone here could give me their opinion if they have experienced a similar case. any information is appreciated, thank you.

@Luis Esteban He may have had someone try to buy it with an FHA loan. Some conventional lenders won’t finance it either depending on how bad it is. If you’re really interested in it I’d get a specialist out there and quote it for you. You may be able to get a construction loan and have it done that way. Good luck! - Mike