With an 850K-where is the best ski area house hack in USA?

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Recent empty nester. I am a industrial design consultant that works from home.  I just sold my house and want to move somewhere close to nature/skiing where I can fix up a house and sell it in a 2-3 years. On my list so far:  Sun Valley, Bozeman, Alta? Are there any cool small ski towns that have good outlook for growth?  Open to ideas!  Or are these areas open to the first hit with a downturn? 

Crested butte

Jackson hole  

Spokane  switzter

British columibia  big white  revelstoke

Grand targhe

forget Tahoe

forget Oregon and Washington.  snow to wet.

and many others but you get the drift  no pun intended.. I don't think alta has housing.. but park city does

@Steven Di , I’ll throw in a second vote for Spokane. Not a small ski town, but 5 areas within an hour and a half. And you won’t be paying inflated prices for all your materials and trades. For a smaller town— Sandpoint, Idaho. Schweitzer is the local hill.