Should I sell my house now or wait until Spring?

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I live in Helena Montana and my wife and I would like to sell our house. We would like to wait until Spring to give ourselves more time to prepare and also because it seems that people like to buy in the Spring and Summer. But on the other hand inventory is increasing, interest rates are rising and It seems like a lot of people are lowering their prices. Do you guys think it would better to wait or sell now? Let me here your thoughts.

@Jacob Beirwagen Helena is an interesting area right now. There are more houses that are on the market than there have been in a while. It seems like more people have been trying to get in on these higher prices as of late and there just aren’t as many buyers that want to buy at higher prices. Prices will start to drop as more inventory sits for longer which will cause a leveling in the market. People have already started lowering prices to get them to sell so it will probably do that for a bit. Send me a private message if you are interested it in chatting about selling your house and I’ll get you an offer.

Nobody can predict the exact top of the market but personally I would SELL SELL SELL! If you are in Australia, Canada, China (and some other parts of Asia except Japan), Southern California, etc. it's TOO LATE! SELL SELL SELL and go into bonds when interest rates peak!