San Jose R-M Zoning restrictions

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I was wondering how many units I can build in R-M neighborhood in San Jose. The lot is only 4500. Currently ours is a single family home. Can I get a permit to build 3 units (each with 1000 sq st approx) and rent  them. What is the FAR for this type of zoning? Any restrictions that I need to be aware ?



This is a question for the city planner, or if you don't have time to go to city hall, an architecture who is familiar with San jose. 

Hi Kay,

The R-M Zoning Ordinance does not specify an FAR for multi-family, but says "a single-family house in any residential district with a floor area ratio equal to or less than forty-five hundredths or height equal to or less than thirty feet and/or equal to or less than two stories." The minimum lot size for R-M is 6,000 sf so you will need to request a variance. Due to the smaller size, it becomes difficult to say what size/number units you could develop but here are the setback requirements: 

Front10 ft 

Side, interior5 ft

Side, corner7.5 ft

Rear, interior25 ft

Rear, corner15 ft

Minimum driveway length (feet) measured from lot line0 ft

Maximum height45 ft