1st Deal Under Contract - Thanks Bigger Pockets

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My wife and I have our first deal pending under contract! We are excited and have great expectations for this property and eventually turning it into our first rental property. Thanks to BiggerPockets I found a real estate agent in my market that offered to meet with me. After connecting through BiggerPockets we met and as a result I fired my other agent and hired him. He showed me that the very things my other agent was telling me wasn’t possible were actually very possible. I made a post before about things not going the way I thought. So many people recommended getting a new agent and I listened. It made all the difference in the world. Set to close October 30th! Sometimes you aren’t getting a deal because of bad information. Keep pushing until you get the right answers from the right people and make things happen!

Just be careful the new agent isn't "tickling your ears" just to win your business.

Be sure to fill us in on the details once you're finished. congrats!

@Nathan G. As of now, we are set to close the end of this month. We have no money down, and all closing costs covered. If everything goes as planned we will be in the property by November. We will be house hacking this one for our first investment. During that time we will save up and purchase another property strictly as a rental property. I will send updates as we move forward.

congrats.  That was actually pretty fast from your first post to now having something under contract.   

Where did you end up finding this deal?