Looking For Connections In Maui County, HI. We are looking to buy

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Hey Gang!  
  We are looking for contacts in Maui County whom we can add to our team as we move towards the purchase of property on the island. We also welcome feedback from those with experience on the islands in regards to owning properties, managing vacation rentals, and rehabbing these properties. Did you have a lot of issues with the aspects listed previously? For those who own on the islands, what pitfalls have you encountered and how did you overcome them? We are seasoned investors on the mainland, but the island will be a new move for us.

  Many thanks/Mahalo!

Aloha Chuck!  I would love to help you out any way I can here on Maui. I work with many investors and am an investor myself. I am more than happy to go over the ins and out of managing VR’s and rehabbing them.

Feel free to reach out with any questions. Mahalo. 

Aloha @Chuck Walker ,

I own properties here on Maui and am happy to help. If you want to wala’au (talk story) let me know. I’m not a realtor, just an investor. @Patrick Franta is great too. If you are looking to find a property or two he is an excellent resource and great realtor. Good luck!