Should I buy a house in the Netherlands?

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So there is an opportunity for me to move to the Netherlands (Specifically Schinnen) for 3 years for work. I read online that an American can buy property there. I was toying with the idea of taking the transfer, buying a house (or multi?), and then renting it out when I move back to the States. Thoughts?

I doubt anyone here can answer that unless they're really familiar with the market. In a lot of Europe, however, buying property that you don't live in is really just a place for very wealthy people to park money because you don't make the kind of returns that you can make in the US. I'm sure that's a very large generalization, but people I know in a few of the countries tell me the opportunity for making a lot of rental income like in the US isn't really there.

In any case, whether or not you should buy and rent when you leave depends on what the numbers say. What do your numbers say?