Looking for investor friendly banker Houston, TX

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I’ve searched forums and most people request PMs to get lender info. I just used Texas Trust for my refi. They had a few issues with the investor stuff. I would like to try something different with a piece of property I want to buy. It is 2 lots with 3 homes. It appears to cash flow and could be improved on to increase cash flow. All 3 properties are leased. 2 of them for many years to retired people. Price is $165k and I have 20% down if needed. Any recommendations on a good banker to help me work the deal with less hassle and not kill me with origination points? This will be my 4th investment property.


I think the reason for the PM is that folks are afraid of violating rules about self-promotion. Here is what I got when I tried to post Jacob's phone number: 

Posting contact details such as phone numbers or email addresses outside the Marketplace is prohibited.

I have a friend, Jacob Mejia, at Ameridream who may be able to help.  He works with investors and can help get financing on something for you.

Just go to Google and type "Ameridream Mortgage" and ask for Jacob. 

Good luck!