I'm looking for a reputable Lender (Hard Money or Private)

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There is a plethora of lenders one can do a deal with, but I'm looking for an asset based lender who is fast, reliable and has excellent customer service. I'm looking to purchase a SFH (Non-Owner Occupied) in the 44129, 44130 and 44134 area in the next 30 days. I plan to do a Fix n Flip.

Which of the following Lenders have you had the best lender experience with:

1) Ground Floor

2) Lending One

3) Lima One Capital

4) Loan Builder (A Paypal service)

5) Red Rock

6) Sharestates

7) Bridgewell Capital

8) Private Lending Group

9) Temple View Capital

10) Connected Investors 

Any and all feedback will be gladly appreciated.

Thank you.

@ Anthony Miller there are many commercial lenders as you have just listed several yourself here.  The key to having a favorable experience with a  commercial lender (including my company) is finding a lender that offers exactly what you wrote: fast, reliable, and excellent customer service.  But the question is how?

The challenge with finding a fast, reliable, and commercial lender with excellent customer service is we all will tell you we have that and do that.  So the key is trust.  Who can you trust?  So here are some "test suggestions" to see which commercial lender is fast, reliable, and above all, has excellent customer service:

1.  Call the Loan officer or account executive of this lender and see how long it will take for them to call you back.  

If they can not even get back to you fast with you calling them for business, how fast do you think they will be able to close a loan?

2.  Email this loan officer or account executive several questions (at least 7) and see how detailed and quick there response is.

The type of questions you ask really do not matter, you are giving them a test.  A lender who is not very detailed with their answers and takes awhile to get back with you....most likely will not be reliable throughout the loan process.

3.  Apply for a loan with a few lenders and see how quick you either get a "detailed" offer letter with all the exact terms, rates, and conditions within 24 to 48 hours or less.

Verbal offers are just that - talk - and talk is cheap as they say.

These three "test suggestions" will weed out the lenders who are fast, reliable, and offer excellent customer service from those who do not.

I hope this helps you find the commercial lender you are looking for.  God bless.