Brick Tuck Pointing on Investment Property

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I've made an offer on a property that I intend to rent out, and have had an inspector do a thorough inspection. One of the red flags that came out of that inspection was a note that we should have the brickwork inspected by a mason for tuck pointing. I've never had brickwork done before, and I'm not able to find a contractor that can come out to do an estimate soon, so I have to decide whether to ask for an extension on the offer or not. 

I'd like to see if anyone has any thoughts on how bad this brick looks, and what it might cost to repair. The inspector won't hazard a guess on the cost, and I don't know if I'm looking at $500 or $5,000 in repairs. It's a small single-story house approximately 1200 square feet. There is brick on approximately 3/4 of the exterior of the house.



Really depends on where you're located and who you use as a contractor.  Just so happens I had to rebuild a chimney on my last house.  Had quotes that varied by 1000%.  So shop around. 

How old is the house. The cracking appears to be miner and may not be worth worrying too much about assuming the home is 20 plus years old or older. A little calking in crucial areas around windows and sills may be all that is needed. If it was a new home I would be concerned.

@Tom Gersic , I refer to AAA-1 Masonry when I need an inspection or overall quote on a masonry project. They do great work. I agree with some other people this looks minor but always best to get a professional opinion with this. Be careful of DIYing your masonry work unless you know what you're doing, caulking the wrong area can create bigger problems down the way. ie. caulking the lintels above your window isn't wise. Hope this helps.