New to Charlotte, just wondering what’s going on in the market ?

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Everything. Everything is going on in the market.

Charlotte has one of the most active RE markets in the US.

This is an extremely broad question, but some basic economic research on RE trends for the area should paint a good picture for you. Prices have been increasing consistently in (or around) the double digits year over year, which should tell you something about demand. Also, Charlotte is considered by many to be an "indicator" market.. basically, ahead of the bell curve for the rest of the country. Typically Charlotte is at the tip of the trends, and the rest of the country tends to follow the pattern that is set here first. My personal opinion is that it's because of the financing and investment leadership here compared to other places. The banks are based here, many investors are based here, and so that lends to Charlotte being ahead of the trend. I've personally met hedge fund managers that watch the Charlotte market as an indicator for other markets around the country, while not actually investing here.

With all that said, it's extremely competitive. People from the around the world want to invest here (especially in multi-family), and inventory is extremely low across all types of real estate, especially single family homes. 

Honestly, your best bet is not take anyone elses word for it, but do your own research on trends, economic data and come to your own conclusions. You may see something the rest of us missed and make more than all of us. 

I agree with Levi, you have to get out there and do your own market analysis...and you will definitely get a feel for the area. It's definitely competitive...whether you're up against other investors or the average Joe wanting to purchase a single-family home.