Buying in Las Vegas

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Moving to Las Vegas for work & looking to purchase. I am looking to buy a sfh with FHA & than refinance and rent it out when I move again. Any ideas of where I should look & ideas to make this successful?

Just curious why refi when you move out? Why not keep those owner occ term in place for the rental?

Or did you mean refi into owner occ conventional and minimize/eliminate MI and then stay there a little longer then move out?

@Robert Hugs you don't have to refi out of the fha when you convert the property to a rental a few years down the road.  

Since you're going to live in the property, I would keep your property search focus to the type of house you'd like to live. You will want to watch out for HOA's with rental restrictions, because that will impact your long term plan.

I live in Henderson. Own my house, and looking to buy some investment property as well. Feel free to reach out if you need a local contact. I can give you some info about different areas. I've only been here a couple years, so I'm sure there are others on BP with much better insight.