Atlanta, Georgia-Best areas to buy rental investment properties.

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Hi there, I have been investing in areas in Georgia for a while.  My husband and I are looking at properties in Atlanta however, we are not familiar with the area. Does anyone have any suggestions of what parts of Atlanta are nice, affordable and low crime rate?  

Also, if anyone has any other suggestions of good cities for out of state properties to invest that would be helpful to know for future investments too.

Atlanta is great market to invest...Regarding your second question about what other cities are good...

Amazon already research for us, they selected top 20 cities...

We can filter this list further...

  • Few of them are expensive cities like LA, Toronto, DC, NY, Boston, Northern Virginia & Newark.
  • Recent trends of migration to Sun belt filter out northern cities like Chicago, Columbus, Philly & Pittsburgh

Remaining choice...

  • Denver
  • Dallas
  • Austin
  • Nashville
  • Raleigh
  • Miami

@Charisse Daving what is your price range? Generally areas with solid schools that aren’t too far outside the perimeter are good bets. What areas of ATL are you currently invested in? Looking for SF or multi? So many factors to consider...but happy to make a reco once you share a bit more about what you’re looking for.

@Charisse Daving I just sold a town-home in Marietta ( East Cobb, Wheeler HS) at 115k that had a tenant in place paying $1250 monthly. However, I have been getting quite a few town homes in and around the Cobb area.  Like Erica said there are a lot of factors that will determine which deals will fit you. 

Yes Elaunte, very true.  I have bee looking to venture into Atlanta and everyone is saying that West End is hot! I have properties in Marietta, Woodstock and Smyrna but I want to venture to another good location but not sure where is the great location in Atlanta because I'm not as familiar.  Do you have any suggestions?

@Charisse Daving West end is a very popular neighborhood “ITP” or inside the perimeter here in Atlanta. Much higher prices and a different lifestyle than your other properties. If you are looking for townhomes that split the difference between in town/out of town Vinings/Smyrna is a good area to find some. Right now many parts of ATL are high priced (for the south at least) and Some are looking further out. There are also a ton of urban reclamation projects in Atlanta that could be very profitable in the future on buy/hold around east Atlanta area.

Hi Toby,

Thanks for the valuable info.   You are right about Atlanta Arlen’s being high. I feel like it doesn’t are much sense to buy a more expensive property verses a less expensive if at the end the return in profit is the same. I was also looking in Poweder Springs, do you know much about the area.? Is it up and coming?