Funding my first deal

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So I’m curious as to how I could obtain funding for my first deal fairly quick? I’ve been knocking down my debt and saving money to get my first deal within a year or so. However I stumbled across a house in a pretty sought after little town about 10 minutes from my house. The school is great, location is ideal for people who want a small town life without being to far from the city needs (Fort Wayne,IN). They are actually starting to revitalize the down town with shops and everything. The house is listed for 44,900 with a renovation already started. It’s 4 beds and 1.5 baths with a potential of a full 2 baths and 1700 sq ft. The up stairs has already been almost completely remodeled. New windows, paint, carpet ect. The kitchen is already gutted so it’s a blank slate. The downstairs bathroom will need work and the living room will need paneling tore out and new flooring put it. My friend just recently bought in this little town and he spent 130,000 on a 3 bed 1.5 bath house that’s 1400 sq feet. Houses go quick here and I see the potential at a decent return but am struggling with getting creative funding.

Looks like the construction budget would be a big number to figure out.

Most HML have loan minimums right around that 50k to 75k mark

but you can get a loan at about 90% Loan to Cost 

but you should also be prepared to show reserves on top of the 10%