Offering in a house where carpenter lied about being the owner

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Hello all. I have an offer in on a property that I toured yesterday and am wondering about some some red flags. As I toured the duplex, there was a carpenter in the kitchen doing some work, so the realtor asked him if he could open a door we weren’t able to open. The carpenter did so, and my realtor asked him if he was the owner as he had seen his name on a note (detailing how to shut off the water) and he replied “no no I’m just a carpenter”. It was a little weird and kind of awkward but I didn’t put too much thought into it. When I signed some paper work, I saw the sellers name and looked for his Facebook. WhatdoYa know it’s the “carpenter”. 

This just kinda raised a red flag for me and I’m curious on other people’s input. Would this make otherssuspicious of something? I don’t really like dropping 500k and being lied to by the owner.

Please give me your input! Thanks. 

Personally I wouldn’t worry too much about it. It could be he just didn’t want to be bothered while he was working to talk about the property or answer questions about it, so he just said he was the carpenter instead of disclosing he was the owner so he could go back to work. 

some people are paranoid  and use all sorts of vesting schemes to keep people to know what they own.. so I don't see this as a red flag.. check tax records and see who really owns it.. he may just be a wholesaler as well you never know.

Kind of reminds me of my buddies who fly commericaly and when they have a beer at the bar and someone ask what they do its    :  florsheim shoe sales : 

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@Jay Hinrichs Thanks Jay. I actually checked Lexus Nexis and discovered he has owned it for sometime. I guess my paranoia came from wondering if he knew some stuff was wrong with the place, but that’s what inspections are for so I guess I’m not too worried. 

plus most states require a sellers disclosure form to be filled out.. and delivered to you prior to closing and if he is a contractor working on the house he should give you good idea of the place...  

most off market deals the sellers wont give you a disclosure they just by pass that requirement.

but if your on market with a listed property and your represented by an agent .. any decent agent working for you will require the seller to provide this.