Investing in MF property in Massachussetts as a non -state entity

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I am planning to purchase a 6 unit MF property south of Boston. But I am a resident of the state of TN and not MA. Can I still buy a property with an LLC registered in say Delaware. What will be the implications for paying taxes in all three locations.

What is the best option to minimize tax related paperwork and paying tax in all three states.

On a side note, I do have two existing properties in MA with a partner who lives in MA but he is not partnering in this deal so I can't use his MA address.

@Pankaj Sharma

If you create your LLC in Delaware - you may be required to register the LLC in the state of MA if you are considered doing business in the state.

You may be required to have a registered agent in the state of DE and MA.

You may also be required to pay dues to MA and DE for keeping the LLC active.You may want to see if you can use your colleague in MA as a registered agent. Otherwise you will have to pay for a company for their registered agent services.