Crowdfunding platforms and Reg A funds

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Was wondering if many BP'ers have experience with investing in MF (or other sectors) through some of the platforms out there like CrowdStreet, Realty Mogul, Cardone Capital, FundRise, etc., whether accredited or not. As I get started, I much prefer MF to SFR, and some of these platforms look interesting. Appreciate your thoughts.

Yes have invested in multi family through both syndications and platforms. I've also interviewed hundreds of other investors to find out which platforms they did and didn't like. The first big question is if you are accredited or not. The nonaccredited offerings are generally much more expensive, have very little skin in the game, and less experienced sponsors than the accredited.

There is actually a considerable amount of deal flow out there for multi family, because it's the most popular asset class. However, there are only a handful of deals across the universe of syndications/platforms where the sponsors use conservative leverage, have full real estate cycle experience and have not lost any investor money in their history. As a conservative investor who believes that we are late in the cycle, I prefer investing with those types of sponsors, even if the projected returns may be lower. But everyone is different, and if you are more aggressive you might have different needs.