Tools to Find Multifamily Properties for Sale?

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What tools are you using to find multifamily properties for sale? and some other sites seem to be limited when it comes to multifamily, and I've heard mixed reviews about loopnet. Any other suggestions on services/tools to use?

Thanks in advance. and then use that to find all the brokers in your market. 

Call those brokers and then follow up with them every month or so to see if they have any new deals. 

I access both Loopnet and Costar, and it really appears that Loopnet is not showing all the MF props for sale by area brokers (Costar has additional for sale props).  I have access to Costar (very expensive), which I find very helpful for MF over four units in size.  The area brokers generally have access to Costar (or should), and I would recommend having the commercial brokers forward new listings to you as they become available.