Population & Job Growth Projection Resources

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Hi folks, I'm in step one of my journey looking to narrow down a few different out of state areas. 

I've found lots of helpful resources on past / current population and job growth but wanted to see if anyone was able to find resources on projected growth. 

Projected growth gets a bit more complicated and I don't have the expertise, tools, or if I had tbh, the willpower to calculate those formulas. 

Does anyone have tips on any websites, software, tools, that lists US Cities by projected population and job growth? 

Thanks BP! 

I listened to an excellent podcast today from 'Passive Real estate Investing" with Marco...the episode was called "Profiting from the profound economic shift ahead". I highly recommend it. It was an interview with a demoprapher- the "accounting of people", and futurist. Some excellent nuggets on general and more specific population. At the end he ties it into real estate! I recommend it!!!!