need help in searching marketplace by location

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@Nadia Alrawi , I'm assuming you mean single family? One way to do it is to ask a realtor to run you some CMA's on a potential listing that you may be interested in. Another, would be to use zillow,, hotpads, or the many others out there. I use a combination of several of them, and I have my wife (realtor) do CMA's for us. However, to be completely honest... CMA's aren't always the best metric to use, just another tool.

Look at a property that is similar in size (sq. ft.), beds, and baths and view recent sold listings (usually from 6 mo. to 12 mo.). You will also want to stay in that neighborhood to identify these sold listings to get a good idea of potential ARV's. I hope this helps and good luck!

sorry I guess I should have been more specific. I mean on BiggerPockets Marketplace there are a bunch of listings and I wanted to try to sort them by location. I read somewhere that sad is possible but I can't figure it out