HUD Bid Results Page

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I'm wondering when bid results actually get published to the Hudhomestore website. I've read it's "after closing" but is that true? Like will it really not show up until all the paperwork goes through on both ends or will it just automatically publish the accepted offer immediately?

Thanks in advance for your time.


In my experience once they have accepted an offer it will be removed within a day or two. Not sure when and if they ever show the contract details on the Hud site but if they do it would be some time after settlement. 

Hope this helps, Aaron

Old thread, but Im going through this now. It says on the bid results page that it does not display until its under contract. 

The place I bid on says pending offer and it was pulled immediately from the listing less than 24hrs from the opening date. I never received a call from them so I'm assuming it wasn't my offer. My agent never called either. Oh well. Next one. Would of been nice if they communicated but its gov, what can we expect. 

@Robert Jensen

You will never see a notification from HUD if another offer is accepted. The only one notified is the selling agent of the accepted offer.

Keep monitoring the site as a high percentage of properties will be returned to the market for various reasons