fastest investment strategy to make quickest money

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I am in a very bad financial situation.  Basically im broke. I can't qualify for CCs due to my fico score. I just started my business with my ein but it takes a bit to build business credit. I have no collateral and i am in eviction status.  

Please no judgment and don't ask me why. I love real estate. If you know of a quick way to make some money within a few days. I am all ears! I can find great deals, schedule onsite inspections.  I broker contractors with work so if you're interested. Please let me know and please let me know of a fast way to make $1500 or more.

Thank you

@Henrietta M. there is no reliable way to make $1500 in a very short period of time. Has it been done? Yes of course, however I cannot point you in a way that is likely to bring the results you want. Real estate IS NOT a way to make quick cash or get rich quick. 

That said the best way I can think of would be to wholesale a deal.  Get a really great deal under option or contract and then sell that contract.

@Henrietta M.

A quick suggestion, since you say you can find great deals, is to call up some active wholesalers in your area and co-wholesale a property that you locate. Don't offer to be a birddog (where you scout for properties and they give you a few hundred dollars,) but for the same effort offer to co-wholesale for 50/50 split. That should give you more than $1,500 per deal that you are looking for.

How do you co-wholesale? Find wholesalers (online search, local real estate meetings, bandit signs), sign a co-wholesaling agreement which outlines the 50/50 split, locate properties that the other wholesaler can sell, put them under contract and let the wholesaler bring the buyer. Close. Split the proceeds and rinse and repeat.

@Henrietta M. uber, weitress in a restaurant, made, any labor work. There are no quick money in RE. Most of the people who invest in RE are *investors*. It equates of having money to *invest*.

This won't be the advice you want to hear, but if I were you I would forget about real estate until you get your financial situation in order. You need a job right away, and it sounds like you need more than one job. Even if you miraculously pulled a deal out of a hat, found a buyer, and it actually closed, it would be weeks before you get paid from it.

Outside of robbing a bank or selling drugs I can't think of a way to make $1500 that quickly. Real estate is a get rich extremely slowly scheme, despite what late night TV commercials suggest. 

One successful deal does not make us rich. Many many successful deals add up together may make us rich. Real estates takes a very long time (years) to get rich. Real estates is a very slow process to be rich. Quick money hardly exist in real estates. Looking at the wrong area...

Here's the deal, I was asking for faster ways to make money with creative rei strategies. Not get rich quick schemes.

I have young children and a job i got let go from a while back. I started a side business which did well. Unfortunately over the last year it slowed down. 

On a good note, I have NO DEBT, NO CREDIT CARDS SINCE I WAS 19 yrs old. I currently have one collection's account. Which was a mistake on the Hospital Billing Dept's end. I am rectifying it. 

REAL ESTATE is definitely for me. Just because I'm currently having a financial crisis does not make me less of a person. It does not cancel out real estate. In fact, I believe rei is the! Answer. 

I do think i need to be realistic though. I also think investors are the saviest creative thinkers.  This is why i asked you all. Are you sure you're real estate investors?

Sooo you're looking for faster ways to make money with creative real estate investment strategies but NOT get rich quick schemes? These are the same thing, you're just wording it differently. 

I'm sorry you're not getting the advice you want. If you google "real estate guru" there are plenty of people who will tell you what you want to hear. You will have to go into credit card debt and although what they say won't be true, you will like what they have to say much more. 

@Henrietta M. bust you a$$ doing uber for a few weeks and you can make the money you need. Even the quickest real estate deal will take a month, so if you need this money fast, you wont make it with real estate.

The problem is that you waited until the last minute. You wrote that were let go a while ago and then you had your own business, but it slowed down this past year. So, if you had actively pursued something in this past year, you might not have been in this situation. 

With that said, 12 years ago I was in that situation. Close to foreclosure, had to come up with funds within 2 weeks. 

I found an area that had a lot of vacant lots, but where a lot of new construction was happening. All those lots had houses on them and they were torn down in the early 90's when owners didn't fix. Owners walked away and didn't pay attention to the lots. 

Soooo, I did a lot of skiptracing and found the owners or their heirs, got the lots under contract for 15K. Then I drove around through every street and wrote down address of every new construction, or recently built and sold new house. Found out the builder, contacted them and got their email addresses. 

Listed lots were selling for 50-60K at the time. 

I sent an email blast to every builder and offered the lot for 30K, closing within 14 days, cash only. Double closing

I had builders falling all over themselves getting the lots under contract. 

Originally posted by @Henrietta M. :

I do think i need to be realistic though. I also think investors are the saviest creative thinkers.  This is why i asked you all. Are you sure you're real estate investors?

i'm not sure the best way to get good answers is to insult your audience...

@Henrietta M. I agree with Ned. However, I talked to someone recently who made $1000 in a week walking dogs through one of those dog services that has an app. I really believe you need to pull yourself out of your dilemma with a job, hard work, and fiscal discipline. If one is fiscally not responsible on their own, it will be dragged into their real estate dealings. I know some people get by paying for real estate with credit cards and other craziness, but most people still standing in 10 years are dealing from a position of strength: good credit, good reserves, good boundaries with others. $1500 is peanuts. I had an a/c unit go out and needed to come up with 3-4K the same day, and I only have 3 rentals. I’ve been told the same in the past. I didn’t want to hear it. I really do wish you the best of luck.

Yes, $1500 is peanuts to you but right now it seems like a lot 

I love the answers i read. Thank you and I am actually good with money. 

My problem is procrastinating and having false hope.

I am a phenomenal marketer but maybe there's more to my situation.