Sales contract / Title company proceedures in SW Missouri

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Thanks in advance - I need some guidance on a sale that is effectively a "transfer" to a family member.

In 2010 I bought a lot with a shell of a double wide trailer on it.  We fixed it up (quite extravagantly, I might add) and my mother-in-law lived in it until her passing.  Now I am selling to one of her sons.

It will be a no contingencies, no inspections, no nothing deal.  We will spell out a cash price and handling of taxes. 

I have warranty deed for the land - no title for the trailer.  That in itself will not be a problem.

I have a copy of the as is / where is contract from which I purchased the property.

Should I simply refill in the blanks?  If so, do I just call 1800-Title Company?

Should I pay a realtor a commission to draw up the contract and present it to a title company?

Any other questions I should I be asking?

Sub $20K purchase.

Thank you

@Rob Golob Does the buyer have the cash or will their be financing? If its cash or seller financing, have a local law firm facilitate the transaction by drafting the deed in exchange for a cashier's check or note and deed of trust (mortgage).

Best of luck!


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