Rental Prop, Fix & Flip, and BRRRR Calculators Feature Requets

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It's been several months since I've used the calculators for Rental Property, Fix and Flip, and BRRRR analysis and just today I stopped by to use one. I had forgotten that I meant to suggest some changes that I thought could really improve the user experience when using some of these calculators. I participate in several software beta testing groups and all of them have forums for users to suggest features and fixes for future updates, so, I would like to start a discussion about Future Features for these calculators.

Here are my suggestions:

1. Allow for inputting of MLS number, which could then use an API to pull in all of the relevant data to auto-populate the fields in the calculator. For instance Zillow has one (  How great would it to just enter the MLS number and maybe a few fields that wouldn't auto-populate easily like the rents on each unit, and then just calculate results?

2.  Increase the character count for the PROPERTY SALES DESCRIPTION field.  It is far too small to contain the written descriptions for most listings.

3.  When you click on the Rental Property Calculator it says Rental Property Calculator at the top but when you get inside of it, it is titled Buy & Hold Analysis.  Could be confusing for a newbie and it makes my brain twitch ;)

4.  When adding an analysis, one must keep clicking NEXT STEP at the bottom of the pages to get to the next step.  Is there a reason why this can't just be all on one continuous page, it would make entering information quicker if it was just one longer page.  If you implement suggestion #1 and the fields get auto-populated this would be even more reason to consolidate everything to one page.

5.  Property Taxes field could be listed with an option to enter the Monthly Tax or Yearly Tax so that we don't have to bust out a calculator to use this calculator.  Many websites list the monthly instead of yearly.  I know this may sound like me being lazy, but isn't the point of the calculator to save the time required to manually add numbers?

6. The Add a Photos dialog would be wonderful itf you could add multiple photos at once. Again just a small time saver, or even better if they were automatically pulled from MLS listing and then offered the choice to click on each one we would like included in the report.

I'm sure others have ideas as well on how we can make this awesome calculator even awesomer!