Buying a 4plex all 1 bedrooms from this older guy. 45k I am putting 10k down to my bank and my bank sent me an email and had the following offer... can someone breakdown the last section for me, I guess I am not familiar with shorter ammortization technology and how it works::;;; $35,000 FIXED at 5.375 for 72 months.  Fully amortized.  I’ll finance all of the closing costs (doc fee, flood fee, mortgage recording fee, title opinion, abstract update for final title opinion).   Monthly payments are about $585.   Short amort on this one still has a debt service coverage ratio of 1.25 at $1100 per month and jumps to 1.82 at $1600 per month.   Pays off in 6 years or less if you paid extra on it and frees up the property to be used in other purchases.