Need to pull money out of investment property

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Hey there,

I need a little help here please. I have an investment property which I bought under a LLC. The property was just refinanced but wasn't able to pull money out due to fees and such. I do have a little equity in the property and would like to pull out a little money but I can't find a lender who would do such loan. Issue is I am not owner occupied ... can't refiance since I recently did refinance. Who would do such a loan if anyone? I am only looking for something small - less than $10k for minor plumbing issue and electric upgrade. Thanks.

See if there are any local hard money lenders at your local real estate investor club. Someone may do it.

as a last resort you can try P2P lending like Lending Tree. If you have good income and good credit you can qualify for interest rate low as 9%.... if you consider that low...