Where do you get your mailer list?

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I am going to preference this question by saying I know it eventually comes down to the criteria of the list and effectiveness of the marketing. But I want to know what are good sites to compile a list, or what sites have the most depth of baseline information that I can filter out from there.

So with that said, what mailing list source are people using to get quality leads?

I know listsource.com is a popular one, is there any alternatives out there people tend to use and have success with?

Hello @Michael Randle

I know you are looking for other sites to compile a list, however Listsource is my favorite. I find it easy to use and, since the information comes directly from the "big data" companies, I found the information to be accurate.

Plus, a lot of the mail companies that offer lists use Listsource as a provider. 

Hope that's helpful!

Happy investing!