For Sale By Owner Fees

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Originally posted by @Jeff Lovrekovic :
When selling your house as for sale by owner, do you hire a lawyer for the closing process?

That is correct. Call a Title or Escrow company and set up Escrow and have a Title report run. Have them suggest which attorney they like. Decide if you are going to pay a real estate agent if they bring you a buyer (that's a good idea by the way) usually the amount is 3%. Pay a fee only company to list on the MLS. Hide the drugs in your medicine cabinet and don't keep valuables in the house. Get rid of all personal touches like photos and everything on the refrigerator and counter tops. Keep the pace neat and tidy. Remove as much stuff from your closets as possible and put them in storage. Don't have pets or smokers inside the house. Paint the front door a nice color and put some curb appeal out front. Make a brochure you can hand to people that describes why they should buy the house and the price and the contact.