Hi! I'm Kieran, and just joined BP! I'm excited to read and learn from the wealth of knowledge on this forum. :)

I live in Vancouver, Canada. 

I started trying to invest in 2015, and I currently have three rental properties in BC (an apartment, half duplex, and single-family house), but i'm looking to explore other investment possibilities.  I'm interested in long term rental investments, but am also very curious about other investments like flipping, syndication, etc..  

My question to everybody out there, where do you recommend I start, or does anybody have any favourite forum discussions to check out? 

I'm thinking to sell my apartment which has appreciated significantly to fund new purchase(s). And I want to find the best use of that money. 

If you had 300k, how would you use it?  And if a big bank won't give me another mortgage (no idea yet..), are there alternative options? 

Sorry for all the questions, and thank you!