searching for liens on a property?

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I have been getting interested in bidding on tax defaulted raw land auctions. I know that I could get stuck with a propertie that has hiided liens that were not disclosed. does anyone know how to do a lien search?

Thank you 

@Casey Boerger Try the county website and call around to title agencies. I don’t have experience with bidding on land but I won a house at auction and did a lien search through a title company and it cost me 150$ but it to me it was worth 150$ then to be surprised with an outstanding lien.

Contact the County office and they can help you conduct a review of the property to check for liens.

Start working on a relationship with a title company.  If you do enough deals and NEVER play games you should be able to get to the point where you can call someone at the title company and say "I need you to open title on 123 Jones in McKinney.  The signer will be John Doe.  Text me with any issues or just email me. Thanks!"

If you are a real buyer it is in the interest of the title company to start with the title search and commitment prep.  It saves them time is they immediately find a deal killer.

On the other hand, if you are trying to get a title search on 100 properties that will be auctioned off each month just pay a service.  There are companies that provide that information the same information to lots of people to reduce the cost