I need some help to get me started

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Hi everybody,

I got a call this evening a guy called me want to sell his mom house because she is really sick.

He said they have a $35,000 loan still owed on the house. he trying to sell for $55,000 i went on Zillow and realtor .com to see the value 

zillow at $77,000

Realtor at $71

He said the house is in good condition not much repair needed 

Its 3 bed 1 bath

This is my first one can someone helpme please?

@Jermaine Morgan what's the property worth? Not Zillow or realtor.com worth, but actually worth? You wont know if it's a deal until you can put real numbers together. Dont trust what a seller tells you, have you seen the property? What condition is it in? What do you plan on doing with it? All of these things will come into play to know if it's a deal worth doing.

thanks Jason

I run my numbers at ARV $75,000 even though he said it's in good condition i still take $5000 repairs and am planning on flip the property.

went by take a look from the outside on i will definitely go by to look ot the condition thoroughly though..