Looking for a wholesaler in Indianapolis

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I'm an out of state investor looking to partner with a wholesaler in the Indianapolis area on a BRRRR deal. I've got one deal using conventional financing under my belt (duplex in Indy) and am looking to add to my portfolio. Anyone have any suggestions?


Kevin - (317)763-2461 - If you don't call me now on this, it may already be too late! Forget realtors, I have all the deals!  - 209-211 N Beville Ave - 1,134 sq. ft. duplex has a nice fence and needs minor repairs. $35K with $5k in repairs needed. $135K comps. Keep as duplex or convert to single family. 2151 Gargany Ct. - Great neighborhood for retail flip! This 4/2 has built in financing on this one! 3902 N Layman Ave - 1,945 sq. ft., 3 bdrm/1ba. Great rehab, $27K, $30K repairs needed, $125K comps. This one will go quick! 1335 Commerce Ave - 2 bedroom 1,736 sq. ft. House is in great shape with no repairs needed for only $65k. May already be gone but give me a call soon!