I recently acquired my first property without the use of a real estate agent. Needless to say, I messed a lot of things up.

Some things I know for next time:

-make sure to include security deposits credit and prorated rent credit in the purchase contract

-make sure to keep all addendums that may be needed saved on computer for quick access

-get all the necessary documentation for rehab funding from the contractor before going into contract on the property (my lender needed his insurance, workers comp, experience, etc. and I was not able to get rehab funded in the loan because the contractor would not send this to me and it was too late for me to find another contractor)

-check that title has gotten the documents correct before they are sent over to the seller

-take pictures of the house during the walkthrough for insurance purposes

-check for flood zone early on 

-give yourself a realistic timeline for closing

-check reviews on title company before choosing one

Does anyone else have any recommendations?  I think it would be very beneficial to have a checklist for the next acquisition!