investors do you work with only 1 realtor?

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As a real estate agent myself I see this done different ways. Some investors like to work with different agents as to not lock themselves down to one person. I would recommend finding one that you work well with, is investor friendly, and their skill set offsets yours. Sticking to one will get the agent to be willing to put time into helping you, as they know you will buy through them. You want to make sure to find the right one though, and not just the first one that answers the phone. 

Good Luck! Aaron

@Lisa Miller I personally have one realtor that I do most of my work with, because she is a rock star. However, I have three other agents that bring me "deals" regularly. Each in a different area. I don't tie myself down to any of them but I have found most agents aren't great at working with investors. It is a completely different world from retail home buyers.

@Ryan Blake I totally agree.  I have connected with some investors on this site who are already working with a realtor in our area.  Not a problem, however, I will not share great deals I find with them.  I want to connect with someone who wants the deals I find.  I look everyday and search like crazy. I like both, I love working with luxury homes as well as investors.