Recommendations Best Course/Training for Wholesaling Property

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I am in the market research phase of my real estate journey. I am most interested in learning how to wholesale property. I've watched several videos, podcasts on steps to learning how to wholesale real estate however, I would love to take my training and knowledge to the next level by taking a course or training on wholesaling property. Any suggestions?

@Terri Harvey Be cautious as alot of "gurus" charge thousands of dollars for the same info you are learning online. As a new investor the hardest deal is your first one. Believe in yourself and find a wholesale deal. That will be the true "next level". I hope this encourages you to start! Good luck and make Tuesday your day!
@Terri Harvey you'd be much better off teaming up with an experienced and successful wholesaler than attending a seminar on it. You'll see exactly what it takes to "wholesale" a property and decide if that lifestyle is right for you.