Best Strategy and Market for 203k

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Hello BP, 

I was just approved for a $250,000 FHA 203k loan. I have a remote job where I can move anywhere west of Houston TX.

What would you do to make the most of this opportunity from an investment approach? I currently own a primary residence and 1 SFR in Houston, and plan on making my primary a 2nd rental.

The BRRRR method, House Hack a multifamily, House Hack a single family, renovate something for a future AirBnB, there are so many ideas running through my head, so I figured I would pose the question to the community.

What would be your play?  What areas are ripe for this type of investment?

@Jermaine Williams if you want to use an FHA loan you can't buy a multifamily. I would look to San Antonio which is rapidly growing and find a 2-4 unit and house hack it. I would recommend living in the area first, reading the local business journal, and attending some investment meetups to get a lay of the land.