Help Finding Georgia Multifamily Zoned Land

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I was contracted by a small development company in Georgia to search for multifamily zoned land throughout the state, but particularly in Atlanta, to develop into large affordable apartment buildings using tax credits. My question is, what is the best way to attack searching for land? I have looked at loopnet, landandfarm, etc. and have not had much luck. Where do I need to search or who do I need to talk to to find good available land?

@Travis Ismir Travis, I haven't done tax credit deals personally, but I'm familiar with the LIHTC process in GA. Here's my 2 cents... Start by going to (an affordable housing magazine). In 5 minutes you can find a list of the biggest tax credit developers, nation-wide. Pick a few that aren't in GA, but are still nearby. Go to their website and call the Acquisitions staff. Ask THEM the same question you posted here. If they don't build in GA, they aren't directly competing with you, so you might get some great answers. You're going to need to check the zoning maps, but they're extremely local and detailed. Since you're looking all over GA, I'd check the zoning after you've already found a property that looks interesting vs. starting by scouring the local maps for deals (which would probably be overwhelming and not the best use of your time).