100 Doors in 100 Days - Encouragement for 2019

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@Tie Lasater ko Congratulations on rewriting the story for you and your family. Also, thank you for your selflessness in sharing this story with us. All too often people keep things like this to themselves, not realizing the law of reciprocity and how they can be benefactors as well.

@Tie Lasater Totally agree with all the comments about being inspirational!  Sat down this past weekend and wrote out goals for 2019.  I too have gotten in the habit of writing lofty goals.  I don’t always hit them, but by visiting the goals frequently it keeps me on track.  

Congratulations and wish you nothing but the best for 2019!

This would be a nice and encouraging story if it wasn't ultimately an advertisement for raising money. BP should not allow this (but it probably makes them money). But, hey if I was raising money, I'd do it too if they let me. This is not really a 100 doors in 100 days story. More like 100 doors in 3200 days with you stated 9 years experience in investing in real estate.

Since I know you probably like Grant Cardone, you should like this post because you want haters haha.

I am appreciative of your success so far but people with no experience should know there is more the story.

@Erik Jenkins I'm sorry you didn't find the value in the article you were needing.  I am glad you read the article in full though...or at least based on your post it seems like you did.  Hopefully you are able to find value in it somewhere.  

I actually do follow Grant...and actually a number of people who have partnered with us and invest with us are also investors in some of Grants funds as well.

I have plenty of material out for raising capital and that was not the purpose of this.  However everything I do has a purpose, but capital raising was not the purpose here.  

As a BiggerPockets member I hope you are finding the value you were looking for as I know I have and continue to do so.

I hope you find 2019 to be a totally successful year in all your endeavors.  And if you ever have any questions let me know I am here to help in any way I can.