How to start? Lock down financing or find the deal first?

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When first starting out do you find the deal first or lock down financing? Many agents will not show you properties without a pre-approval letter. Ready to dive in ! Not sure how to initiate.

Hi @Marissa Duran , this is a no brainer! ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS get your pre-approval letter BEFORE looking at properties IF you are a serious buyer who is ready to pull the trigger. Reach out to a few local lenders and find the best rate and find someone who has good communication skills. Best of luck on your search!

Hi @Marissa Duran and welcome to BiggerPockets!

I recommend locking down your financing first. There's nothing worse than losing a smokin' hot deal because your funding took too long or failed entirely.

Make sure you find an investor-friendly mortgage broker/banker who will talk straight and deliver under pressure. Your local real estate investors association (REIA) should be able to suggest a few. (Of course, do request and then check references!)