Prospecting for leads.

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A great way for investors to find leads are expired, cancelled and withdrawn listings. These homeowners have raised their hands and want, need or have to sell. Knock on 10 doors a week and I believe there is a good chance for a transaction. Just knock on the door when they answer take a step back and ask " I noticed your home was for sale but no longer on the MLS are you still interested in selling?".


Homes expire, withdraw and cancel everyday. You can partner with an agent and have them send you the properties. Remember that agents do the same, but you have a "different" approach as an investor. Hope this helps. Aloha

How long are these expired listings noted on the MLS? I guess I'm asking if I should be looking at listings expired for 30, 60, 90 days or more.

Another question I have regarding looking for leads on the MLS: If I want to target old but active listings, is there a days on market that you find to be a sweet spot?

I am just now researching MLS listings and I see some that are on market for several hundred days. They usually appear nice and maybe had a few offers fall through. I get scared to present my own offer because I assume there must be something horrible that I don't know about. Otherwise, you'd think someone else would have already snatched up the place. Am I too paranoid and suffering from paralysis of analysis?