Who else uses GIS to market to owners and increase deal flow?

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The core of our business is our GIS platform. We use GIS to screen for and find the right properties that we want to acquire. We target the properties through our GIS platform and export a list of the property owners names along with addresses to a list so that we can then send a letter, cold call or knock on their doors to get their attention. Our system looks something like this: 

Set site Criteria > FInd sites that meet that criteria on our GIS platform > export a list of landowner names and address >. mail to every landowner > talk with landowners about selling or leasing their land> qualify the landowner > close on a lease or purchase option agreement.

How are you using GIS in your business?

If you are not using GIS, what questions do you have about using GIS for real estate?

@Kyle Ferguson I’m developing a similar approach where I’m at. I’m the past, we’ve used basic GIS overlays for “browsing” areas and properties based on variables such as school districts, acreage, floodplain, etc.. Now I’m developing a model where I I put all variables and then categorize/prioritize all of the parcels in the area.

Any advice on setting up your GIS model? Thanks!

@Matt Anding As far as general advice, make sure that you have good data and don't spend too much time analyzing the land before you reach out to the landowners and make sure they are open to doing a deal with you. Let me know if you have any specific questions. 

@Kyle Ferguson what criteria are you using? Are you pulling data sets into the system or creating your own lists before mapping them and prioritizing? Just finishing my GIS cert now and have been dabbling with things like Matt has mentioned, school districts , flood plains, etc where the data is all nicely compiled and formatted already but very interested in taking that to the next level.