Hey everyone!

So happy I came across this website and forums. I've been looking into becoming a real estate agent for a while now, I'm 23, just graduated from university with a B.A in Psychology. I honestly sort of regret doing the program because I now have no intention of pursuing it. Regardless it has definitely taught me much.

Being a real estate agent has always been at the back of my mind, so I started doing some research (btw I'm based in the GTA, Ontario), and came across wholesaling. Flipping houses, getting a cheap contract, selling said contract for a few extra bucks. Now, should I try to do wholesaling first? Or should I try to become a real estate agent? Can I be a real estate agent AND do wholesaling/flipping on the side? I've read some articles, opinions, and it seems very varied and unethical to some, but some claim you can still do it. 

I have no skills in home maintenance/fixing but looking to hopefully get some construction gigs for a bit to get some decent knowledge. 

Are there certain laws that restrict flipping while being a licensed agent? I want to do the OREA studies just so I can learn more about real estate as a whole because I honestly do not know much. I'm interested in the markets, I think real estate is huge and clearly the GTA is on the rise despite the bubble situation that has been going on. 

Thanks people! Looking forward to learn and join this community!