Buying property without realtor

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I believe I have a fairly simple question for some of you. We own a few houses currently but had used a realtor in the past that organized closing etc. We will potentially be purchasing a property in the next 2 months with cash. What might we expect in the process? Do we go to our title company and get a sales form, pay for title insurance and close at the title company just as you would traditionally with a realtor? Thanks for your input!

I am in California so it's probably a little different here, but we have a board of realtors who publish and sell purchase agreements. 

I like to use their forms because it's the same form all the agents are using.

@Daniel Dawson yes you guys would speak about what title company both you guys prefer.

You could definitely find some forms from here or other resources online for a cheap price. Perhaps partner with an Attorney just to tie the knots as well?