nj multi family properties

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hello to everyone, i am new to bp so i hope this type of discussions are ok in this category...

i am a multi family investor, currently i own a few multi family properties in essex county nj, and i am constantly looking to connect and get new multi family deals

@Sami Gren

Great to hear that you are in the multifamily business! What size properties do you own over there?

BiggerPockets is a great place to connect with like minded investors, id suggest posting and taking a look at the commercial real estate forums (specifically the multifamily and apartment investing forums). 

I noticed that you are from New Jersey. Scott Morongell is a multifamily investor out in New Jersey and someone id recommend reaching out to!

@Sami Gren welcome to BP!

Lots of supportive, like-minded people on here. 

These threads and posts offer a lot of great insight and knowledge from peoples own experiences.  A lot that can be learned. 

I own single family rentals in Burlington County Nj.    If you're ever considering coming down South, there are PLENTY of multi deals that can be found in my area.  I'm usually analyzing deals and looking for my next investment.  Personally, getting a 3+ unit that can cashflow over $1,500/month is my next goal. 

Good Luck and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions regarding South Jersey. 

@Sami Gren

Welcome to BP community!

You need to define the properties size you're targeting first and identify the areas. Also it is important to continuously educating yourself and networking with like-minded investors. You can network by attending local REI events. We host one. You're welcome to join us. More details under my profile.

Best of luck!

Originally posted by @Shawn M.:

Hi @Sami Gren what part of Essex county are you investing in?


meanwhile I Jane properties in irvington nj, but I'm open to explore any area, as long as the cash flow is nice