Seeking Market Knowledge in Greater Cincinnati

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Hi, I'm new to real estate investing and looking to gain some market knowledge on a few different areas in the Greater Cincinnati area including Kentucky and Indiana. I'm looking to target multi-family and apartment properties. Would love to get some feedback from anyone who currently lives in these area or has investment properties there.

I'd like to start by acquiring any insight into current supply trends in these areas, as well as the demand based on occupancy for these types of properties. Are these currently good markets to begin looking into for a first time investor? Side note, I do have a lot of friends and family in these areas so I am knowledgeable of the areas and do have boots on the ground to help out where needed. But obviously looking to gain knowledge from an investment perspective.

Thanks in advance for all the help and insight!

- Josh

First of all, looks like you are looking at some solid metrics, so kudos for that!  q: I see you have family/friends in the area, but are you in the greater cincinnati area?  (If so I'd suggest checking out Joe Fairless's meet up and get to know the people there).     Also, I'd start calling property managers, and perhaps lenders.  I've had a few properties under contract in Cincy, and am currently looking. So if you have any specific questions, feel free to reach out for an opinion.  Best of luck!