Super Beginner looking for where to start

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Hey everyone,

Super new to the whole real estate world and have gotten into the BP podcasts that have really sparked an interest in becoming an investor looking to buy and hold to earn passive income. Right now I am a sports performance coach/ personal trainer that predominantly relies on income from that job to finance my life. With relying on other people to show up to train, I want to find ways to build a base of passive income to not rely on and worry about people cancelling because life happens.

Being Brand new and hearing how great the community is on BP, I wanted to reach out and see where others in my situation have started their journey to Financial Freedom. I've heard about and would ideally like to house hack a duplex or triplex to start but living in Orange County, CA, there aren't very many opportunities to do so at an affordable price form my research. I want to learn as much as I can to make this a reality and looking for some guidance on where to start.

Anything will help! Looking forward to hearing from and getting to know you guys.

Thanks again,


Hey, Richard nice to see another new face on BP:) I would suggest you start out by getting your BP profile set up with description and profile pic. Then I would head over to the BP book list at and start reading. My first book was Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod so I would start there because it gives a great framework to schedule your life by which will enable you to read more books. Just keep learning and networking on BP and you will see progress in no time. 

Best of luck,

-Rowen Burney