Illeagly transferred property,

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My property was one of a paper trade? Where two buissness(investor/contractor)

Illeagly trade monies/properties and on paper the little guy ,owner losses.

First American title Co./my ex husband and his investor swendaled me out of my rightful money. He my ex-husband died just 14 days into the sale of it, yet he had already bought transfered an changed deed ,then he died the investor force me out sold my home to his workers As to get as far from me as he could I have been homeless now for 1 1/4 year waiting begging for help as it also says I sold it for $60,000 , I NEVER GOT NOR SAW ANYTHING OF MONEY AND YES LEAGALLY DEFAULT SHOULD HAVE PLAYED A BIG PART ,BUT IT HAS NOT I AM HOMELESS MONEYLESS AND TRYING TO UNDERSTAND WHAT TO DO BEFORE ITS TO LATE , THIS IS A MAJOR PROBLEM AND WILL GO UNPUNISHED,SCATHED LEST I TRY TO STOP IT .AT LEAST ATEMPT TO GAIN MY MONIES