Hello, I'm going to sell a home, the price range of recently sold similar homes here is between 200,000$ and 275,000$________________________ There are unpleasant views around the home, a solid fence would not be tall enough to cover due to the sharp slope of land here, Privacy trees around the lot would complete the current garden atmosphere and provide privacy thus increasing the appeal and monetary value of the home by so much. ___________________ However, I heard banks want to make sure that a home they finance is worth the money they are loaning, _______________ I just don't want to pay thousands of dollars for this idea, only to find out that mortgage lenders don't value the landscaping much and just take into consideration the value of the actual home structure when it comes to deciding what monetary amount they value the home. __________________ Would a bank actually loan a house buyer more money because of the landscape ? Do they add this to value when considering loaning the money? Thanks