What are you making per door? ROI

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Hello BP! I'm wondering what others are making on there rental and or lease portfolio properties.

I'm making an average of $350/door/month 

Roseburg Oregon 97471

@Jaysen Medhurst , The way I do it is as follows:

I purchase mobile homes cash for a great deal typically. Renovate and resell on owner finance. Once the home is renovated and sold all repairs are the duty of the new owner. 

I get 120 months worth of payments out of each one and I usually make all of my money back on the down payment so I'm cash flowing positive from the start typically. 

In the event the loan is defaulted on I simply reposes the home as it is ( personal property) not (real estate) (MOBILES IN PARKS NOT ON LAND) and then I just renovate again if needed take another down payment and start the 10 years over. It is ideal for folks to complete the loan but its just not reality to expect folks to stay in the same home for 10 years with growing families.

I'm typically into a deal like this no more than $7k and can get that and more in down payment so I'm cash flowing average of $350/month /door for 10 + years with less than $7k invested.