Shopping around for a CMA

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I am looking at buying a house to use a rental property in the state of Texas. I will be using a realtor to buy a house, but I have not found a realtor yet. First I want to get a CMA for a potential house. What is the right way to go about getting on? Do you have any tips for asking for a CMA?

I'm also curious about social norms around asking for a CMA. Can I email several realtors and ask them for a CMA? Is it frowned upon to ask a realtor for a CMA and then to not use them (e.g. you asked several) or am I expected to use a realtor if I ask them for a CMA on a house. I know that it takes time to create one so that's why I'm asking y'all.


Real estate agents invest their time into doing CMA, and they do it with the expectation of getting a client. Agents these days are busy, and can't be running CMAs for everyone that thinks they may have found a house, that they might be interested in. Go out and talk to some agents. When you find one you're comfortable with and want to work with, have them help you find a house .. .THEN you run the CMAs. If you're just looking for which area you'd want to invest in, talk to them on that.